Legal Entity

Intellectum is a civil non-profit legal entity under private law, which was founded in 2006, with its head offices in Thessaloniki, Greece, under the official name “Intellectum Scientific Team” and “Intellectum” trademark.

Intellectum comprises the following departments:

Intellectum journal aims at the systematic development of contemplation, social reflection and scientific discourse through intelligible, yet high-level content. The interdisciplinary approach creates an added educational value, which contributes not only to the projection of novel ways of viewing reality but also a positive change of mentality.

Intellectum publications publish scientific and literary books, biographies, philosophical essays, legal treatises, poetry collections, literary anthologies, etc.

Intellectum Crime Prevention Centre develops specialised actions aimed at preventing and combating crime. It follows challenges imposed by society and takes into serious consideration time-specific forms of criminality in order to provide effective tools and programmes of anti-crime policy.

The Intellectum team develops actions that strengthen family bonds. Additionally, the team organises information and awareness campaigns for special audiences or for the public.