Crime Prevention

Intellectum Crime Prevention Centre develops specialised actions aimed at preventing and combating crime. The centre follows social challenges and takes different forms of criminality into account in order to provide effective tools and criminal justice policy programmes.

Crime Prevention Actions

Intellectum Crime Prevention Actions are primarily addressed to minors and young people up to the age of 30. It has been established that there are various factors which create risks of juvenile delinquency. Aiming at eliminating criminogenic factors, Intellectum implements programmes for:

Strengthening families

  • Parent training programmes for the positive exercise of their parental role
  • Operation of Experiential Workshops for Acquiring Parenting Skills
  • Operation of Experiential Workshops for Minors’ Creative Leisure targeted at covering their various needs
  • Counselling services and support for children, adolescents, youngsters, parents, couples on matters relating to: difficulties in interpersonal relations, domestic violence, antisocial behaviour, etc.

Supporting school units

  • Development of anti-bullying programmes, school mediation
  • Providing alternative activities – experiential teaching methods in groups of high-risk students
  • Design and implementation of training programmes for teaching staff
  • Collaboration with Parent-Teacher Associations in order to develop experiential workshops for juvenile delinquency prevention
  • Parent experiential workshops on communication, development, mental health, conflict management, etc.
  • Promotion of volunteering in schools

Vocational training and employment

  • Programmes connecting employers with socially vulnerable groups of young people


For more information, please contact the Special Programme Officer:

Avgi Vogiatzoglou