How your company can contribute to our work

Become our partners!

Your company has the power to strongly influence our society’s failings and shortcomings. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial and strategic relations with our collaborating companies. Your business and employees can get involved in our work in the following ways.

  • Inspire your employees

We will cooperate with a group of your employees in order to create a personalised, inspired collaboration, which will include fresh and exciting challenges, team building focused activities and opportunities so that your employees can make the best of their unique potential by offering to the community.

  • Develop Social Responsibility Action Plans for your company

Partner with us in order to draft and implement a successful Social Responsibility Action Plan which will promote your company or organisation. In this way, you can significantly contribute to the community in need and, at the same time, achieve a sales increase, as well as an image and status upgrade, which will give you the opportunity to win the hearts of the consumers fair and square.

  • Contribute in-kind

Our societal actions and interventions require equipment, goods and services during their implementation. The people we support are usually in absolute need of in-kind contributions. You can easily and effortlessly participate by simply offering your product where it can make a difference in the lives of our fellow humans.

  • Hire motivated young people ready to work

Has a job position opened in your company? Are you seeking a simple yet effective way of finding the right person for the right job? We are here to connect you to young people who are in absolute need of finding employment and are fully capable of offering you their services.


You can contact the relevant department in charge so as to initiate your personalised collaboration with us.