Announcement of the Administrative Board of the ‘Scientific Network of Young People’

Meeting of March 2006.
In the last meeting of the Administrative Board of the ‘Scientific Network of Young People’ the course of the Network and the Journal was examined.

During the meeting it was unanimously found out that the group and the journal develop a clearly different dynamic. On the one hand the Inter Pares Network acts on various levels as a non-governmental organization. For instance, it participated in the 8th Conference of Young People in Kastoria and the NGO committee for the inclusion of a ‘citizen’s society’ article in the revised Greek Constitution.
On the other, the Inter Pares magazine operated successfully under difficult circumstances and managed to express a lively part of young people in the city of Thessaloniki through the composition and reformation of views. Hence, it was considered better for further reinforcement of their dynamics, to separate the network from the Inter-Pares magazine.
The journal’s name will become Intellectum and will be recognized as the true creative continuation of the Inter Pares magazine. Hereinafter, the network will move its own webpage at the address www. inter – We removed the extension .org and added .gr instead in the Network’s web address. Nevertheless, we hope that both the network and Intellectum Journal will continue to disseminate new ideas to the European public.

The Administrative Board of Young People Inter Pares.

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