Interview with Haris Vlavianos: The Fragile Realm of Poetry

Abstract: Haris Vlavianos shares with us, through one of his rare interviews, his thoughts on the diachronic issues of education, publications, arts and certainly poetry [pp. 71-91].

His last book, “Does Poetry Matter? Thoughts on a Useless Art”, whose publication coincided with our own parallel enquiries about the readers which should or conditionally could regard the interdisciplinary journal Intellectum, constituted the occasion of this interview.

Up to that moment we considered poetry as a dangerously challenging terra incognita, an exceptionally significant but at the same time inaccessible area. However, the reading of the above book demystified our ‘prejudices’ by offering an accurate spot of what is poetry and who it concerns. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the word poetry in the book left us many times with the impression that it could be easily replaced with the word ‘art’ or even- the word ‘life’, a fact which adds even more value to the book. Thus our desire to host an interview of Haris Vlavianos, inter alia director of the journal “Poetry” and professor of history and history of ideas at the American College of Greece, emerged spontaneously.

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