“Contact” between law students and young prisoners for abolition of discrimination and social integration.

3rd Seminar

Thursday 20 March 2008 – Room 7, time 8:15 p.m.
Subject: “Prisoners’ rights: The Right of Communication”
by Victor Tsilonis, Ph.D. candidate (Aristotle) – LLM in Criminal Justice/Human Rights (University of Nottingham)

Topics discussed:

Α. Prisoners’ rights and obligations
Β. Prisoners’ right of communication

  • Introduction: A step backward in the past and a leap towards the future
  • The prison institution history and development: prison as an institution which promotes and violates human rights.
  • Prisoners’ human rights and in specific the prisoners’ right of communication today.
  • Case examination of the prisoners’ right of communication by the European Court on Human Rights.
  • Examination of the prison system in other ‘civilized’ (or not civilized) states.
  • The prisoner in the era of Information and Human Rights Protection: Internet, New and old media, Guantanamo and Secret Prisons

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