Marine Blue Architecture

Περίληψη: He reached the crossroad just before the blue house running. Her house. He paused and after he calmed down by drawing deep breaths, he shut his eyes, suddenly opened his heavy coat with his two hands and thousands of butterflies gushed towards the countless sky edges. They were flapping their wings stoutly and he could feel them as if they wanted to pick up winds from all over the world. He could hear them flying and imagine their irregular course. But he wouldn’t open his eyes. This image would be only for her. Only for her marine blue house.

A marine blue house which became one with the horizon and brought down the color of the sky among fully laden olive trees and rough soil. Without a hatch or a yard, but with a slab-paved path, which was choked on soil five meters just before the house’s front door. On soil, as he was also drowned in its marvelous marine blue and now breaths only through its image. Sometimes, he feels his body taking its shape. His feet sinking into the warm soil while his body, chest and soul becoming girders, steps and columns. His hands dipping in the sky’s colour so that his body is daubed all over and she lives in his mind. Amalia. Amalia and her marine blue house.

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