Publication of Intellectum 5th issue (December 2008)

On the 14th of February 2009, the fifth issue of the Intellectum Journal was published. Intellectum is freely distributed in central bookshops and other selected areas of Thessaloniki (Moni Lazariston, Mylos club, Ianos bookshop, Emigre, Prigipos, Interni, Zogia, Grand Hotel, etc.) and in public and university libraries all over Greece.

Contents of the fifth issue

  • Synopses: Bombay’s Scenarios – Victor Tsilonis
  • Direct Paternalism: Punishing the perpetrators of self-harm – Andrew von Hirsch
  • The Thomas Lubanga Dylio Case: The Chronicle of a Trial Foretold – Victor Tsilonis
  • Crime Prevention Dreams and Nightmares in Risk Societies. Beware of the Greeks Bearing Security Gifts – Nicolaos K. Koulouris
  • The Internationalization of University – Richard S. Levin
  • The Defender of Contigency: An Interview with Ernesto Laclau – Athina Avgitidou & Eleni Koukou (interviewers)
  • Love: Revelation of Beauty or Good with an Expiry Date? – Panagiotis Thomas
  • The Land Property of the Mount Athos’ Monasteries – Diamantis Kryonidis
  • The Advantages of Personalized Physical Activity over Depression – Vasileios Ntalipis
  • The Role of Adaptation in Translation and the Aim of Communication – Aggeliki-Elina Marmaridou
  • Amarynthian Artemis – Fotini Koutsafti
  • Marine Architecture – Short Story by Vaggelis Manouvelos
  • Remarks on an Era: The Human Paradox of the Digital Age – Diamantis Kryonidis

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