The Anthropology of the Little Mermaid

by Chantel L.Tattoli

Abstract: In this essay we examine, from a scientific standpoint,  the incessant phenomena of vandalism for the last forty years against the statue of Little Mermaid, which is placed in the centre of Kopenhagen. We are also making a special reference to the most recent acts of vandalism, which aimed at highlighting the issue of “Europe’s islamization”, according to some people.

Among the expertly -ologies, there can be no more exhaustive of a field than anthropology. It’s hardpressing to disqualify much, if anything, from the study of humankind. Extinct and extant humanity is a lot of ground covered, after all. What’s out-of-bounds given that jurisdiction? The field of anthropology goes on and on, without seeable fences, and even when the discussion is limited to one sub-field, cultural anthropology, it doesn’t winnow out all that much. Cultural anthropology is omnipresent too. It’s domestic, right under our noses and in our own backyards, and it’s “exotically”

abroad. The walls demarcating here from there aren’t very concrete anymore, anyway. As globalization renders the world evermore permeable, it’s never been easier for people and our sociocultural productions to traverse from x to y as swiftly like the parcels of a courier service overnight. Like it or not, we’re involved. (We may glean that from the financial crisis, at the minimum.)

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