The Intellectum Journal welcomes submissions of articles

The Intellectum Journal welcomes submissions of articles (500-2000 words) for its 8th forthcoming issue regarding:

  1. The Middle-East Saga: the revolution of the social Media or what else?
  2. Τhe Economic Crisis and ‘Antidotes’
  3. Modern Greek or Other National Labour Law: an unjust law?
  4. ‘Moneyless’ Life / The Heavy Burden of Debts and Loans
  5. Economic Crisis and Philosophical Thought-Culture
  6. The cultural identity of a European city
  7. Europe Now / The Future of European Union: two, three or seven gears?
  8. Topics about Cinema, Theatre or arts: connecting a movie, play or artifact with current reality
  9. Human Rights Issues
  10. Education and History: efforts to rewrite or ‘erase’ history via educational programmes
  11. History and TV/Cinema: how its representation can shape people’s contemporary views
  12. Ιssues which directly concern us and should have been on the headlines but for various reasons have not been widely publicized.
  13. Short Stories
  14. Other issues / Free-style topics

Citation Protocol

Deadline: 10 April 2011


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