A Trip to the Japanese Trauma


He snatched up the remote and turned off the Hitachi air conditioner. He put his Toshiba laptop on his shoulder, took his Panasonic LCD Monitor mobile and shut the door behind him. A Toyota Auris was waiting for him at the building entrance to drive him to the airport. His suitcase was full of Manga Magazines and books with strange stories about dragons, supernatural creatures, ghosts and animals with supernatural abilities, such as the Kitsune fox, the Tanuki raccoon dog and the Bakeneko cat, in order to spend pleasantly the long-hour flight. He was so eager to meet eventually these odd, peaceful people, who managed to take over the third place in the global rating of the countries with the highest standard of living because of their attitude and hard work, and to watch on-site the six-day festival of one of the most technologically improved countries in the world. Being comfortable in his airplane seat, he took the festival programme out of his bag to read it.

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