Stelios Kouloglou: An Interview Without Frontiers

After a series of lengthy communications, we met during the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in the middle of March 2011, where his 10-minute but still highly subversive documentary regarding the immigrants’ in Europe (?) entitled “Welcome to Europe” was presented. Our discussion, which took place in the Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, remains extremely timely, despite the rapid events and the multitude of ‘unpredictable’ contingencies (e.g. the Medium-Term Plan, the Agreement of 26th October 2011, the formation of a transitional Greek government of ‘collaboration’, the renegotiations about our economic enslavement and the official bankruptcy certainly even closer than ever).

In the following interview –during which as an experienced journalist he was sufficiently careful and maybe a bit less revealing than we have expected– we discuss about the freedom of speech, journalism ethics, immigration, the current developments and the “silver we should hand over to foreigners”, since other notorious statements of the Vice-Chairman of the Greek government Theodoros Pangalos (such as “We all spent the money together” and “I can’t afford to pay any extra taxes for my real estate property, Minister Venizelos might as well lock me up!”) were at that time inexistent.

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