Immoral Morality: 6 April 2013

Sitting in the small park near my house.

In places like that I feel that space is neutral and eternal. Everyone is allowed. It exists before and after we are gone. The same applies to countries and planets. And to our houses, despite our silly misconceptions that we will be the only ones living there.

My father read the papers. It was imperative, at that time. And afterwards he used to send my mother off to buy secretly for him Avgi, a leftist one. After he passed, he left me tons of clippings that I haven’t gone through yet. Everyone, from my father’s side, reads the paper backward, from the sports section to politics and economy.

These days every newspaper came with coupons for books and encyclopedias. Now, it’s 10 percent off at your local grocery store.

I dream of a horoscope specifically suited to the members of Golden Dawn: Try to avoid any kind of friction. Your relationships are rather tense. You will meet a tall Pakistani. Etc…

Ads for massage parlors emphasize on the fact that their masseuses are gorgeous. Sometimes purely Greek. In the personals section, hard-working students offer you a night you will never forget.

What really bugs me is that 10 percent of Golden Dawn in polls and the one million viewers of MEGA news every day. I don’t know which one to choose, the obvious or not. Fascism I mean.

Not even gay couturiers get away from the IRS.

Rizai was preparing a bomb in a Tupperware container. That says a lot.

I feel much, much better now that Lagard actually kids and jokes and she is a furry, little thing of love and understanding. According to Times, that is.

Advice #3456: Never enter any kind of relationship without seeing beforehand some sort of tax form.

Or just like Pitbull beautifully uttered it: “She reads books/especially about red rooms and tight ups.

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