New Publication: Institutional Problems of the Social Reintegration of ex-Convicts



Sakkoula Ltd. Editions (Athens, Thessaloniki), 2006
Dr. Sofia Giovanoglou,
Pages: 246
Price: 25 €

The move of detainees from detention to freedom is an extremely difficult process because usually the ex-convict not only is he a loser in the career world, but also a person with broken family ties, while the basic biological needs have to be satisfied immediately after his/her release. The study of Sofia Giovanoglou enlightens the problems of this procedure due to the Law itself which come crashing with the duty of the Greek State to reintegrate ex-convicts, when these wish so. Especially, it examines institutions which either hinder the social reintegration of ex-convicts, as the criminal record, or do not help it enough as the post-penitiary assistance. The importance of this study lies in the eminence of an unknown side of a crucial social problem, which involves the exclusion of a fragile population group, as ex-convicts in their majority belong in the lower classes of income while additionally they have gone under the painful consequences of prison detention.


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