The Impact of Greek Americans on U.S.-Greek Relations


The author analyzes the reasons why the American Lobby is currently enfeebled and incompetent to influence the American foreign policy. He simultaneously suggests alternative ways of action, in order to approach the American common opinion and consequently the American foreign policy.

I’m going to make my main point right up front: Successive Greek governments have relied heavily on Greek-Americans to promote Greek issues in the United States and that has not worked out well, in my view. To put it another way: While the Greek-American lobby proved to be among the most powerful ever organized in the United States a generation ago, today it is a paper tiger— weak, tired, poorly led and generally ineffective.

I can show you how ineffective it is, how little it is taken into account in the corridors of power in Washington, by citing one example: In March of 2004, Greek-American leaders held a fund-raising dinner in Washington for George W. Bush and raised $2.7 million dollars in a single night. Yet within days after Mr. Bush was re-elected president, his Administration announced that the U.S. Government would henceforth refer to FYROM by the Hellenic name it is trying to make its own—Macedonia..

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