William Schabas: International Protection of Human Rights and Politics: an Inescapable Reality

Abstract: The renowned professor of international criminal law and director of the Irish Centre of Human Rights at the National University of Ireland (Galway), William Schabas, discusses about the invasion of the Israel forces in the Gaza strip, racism in Europe, death penalty, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and international criminal law in general.

In May 2009 I visited the picturesque city of Galway in Ireland in order to attend a conference on “Human Rights and Forensic Anthropology”, which was jointly organized by the Irish Center for Human Rights of the National University of Ireland and the University of Dundee. During that exceptional conference I had had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and have an interview with professor of forensic anthropology Sue Black, which was published in the previous issue. Nonetheless, I did not manage to talk also with the eminent professor of human rights andinternational criminal law William Schabas, who is the director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights, due to its overtly tight schedule all over Europe at that moment. Quite paradoxically, though, our encounter became feasible a few months after when in September 2009 professor Schabas visited Thessaloniki in order to attend a conference in the honour of the emeritus professor of international law Kalliopi Koufa.

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